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Gout diet: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Gout is a painful inflammatory arthritis that is caused by monosodium urate crystal formation in a joint. The key to reduce gout flare-ups is to reduce uric acid levels in the blood,(1) and the good news is that it is curable.(2) Most of those who have gout know that they need to be watching their diet. But when I ask …

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How to find an evidence based chiropractor

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What does it mean to be an evidence based Chiropractor? First of all, we need to shine some light on what evidence-based actually means. Most people equate evidence to research, and research only. This is a misconception. Evidence based medicine (EMB) is composed of three main components, the best available evidence, patient preferences and values, and clinical experience and expertise. …

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Case Study: Post-Concussion Headache, Neck Pain And Dizziness – Chiropractor In Holland

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In our recent blog post about concussion, we discussed how post-concussion syndrome could be successfully managed with specific Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care. Now I would like to share one of my recent concussion cases. Case Study: Concussion Patient: 15 year-old girl Chief complaint: Constant headache, neck pain and dizziness after a concussion 2+ months ago Back Story: The high school athlete …

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Post-Concussion Syndrome: When Symptoms Persist – Chiropractor In Holland

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Most people who have sustained a concussion recover quickly and may never experience any residual symptoms. However, 10-25% of concussion cases become chronic (1), and the most common symptoms reported are headaches and dizziness (2). So if that’s you and you are not getting better, read on. First Things First, To Rest Or Not To Rest? For those who don’t …