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Mentally raise your hand if you ever get into the mental state of thinking “what’s the point?” when it comes to being healthy. Your imagination may, or may not have felt it but I just mentally high fived you right there.  Why? Because I think the same way sometimes and Im a health professional! Its frustrating isn’t it?!

There have been multiple times when I’ve told my wife that I feel I was much happier before getting into the health profession. I know this sounds awful but its true.

And here’s why. Twinkies.

Sometimes the more I learn about health, whether it’s true or just internet garbage, the less I am able to enjoy my daily decisions. Example Im sure we can all relate to. When was the last time you truly enjoyed eating a twinkie? Now you may be telling yourself you always enjoy twinkies (hopefully not too many of them). However, the truth is at some point somebody told you it was unhealthy and/or horrible for your body. At that point things changed. Even if you pretended not to care when eating future Twinkies you knew in the back of your mind this was not good for your body. Whether you acted like you cared or not…. you cared…. at least a little bit. So you judge yourself which takes away some part of the enjoyment of choosing to eat that Twinkie!

The Ultimate Stress Machine (Internet)

Currently we have the internet spreading true and false information about thousands of health factors. Everytime we read or hear something new (which is daily for most of us) about a food, chemical in paint, cell phone radiation etc., we develop a new concern about something we weren’t stressed about before. Oh well… I wanted more stress in my life anyway… SAID NO ONE EVER.

What really happens with this helpful information? What actions do we take because of it?

Some people read up on every health topic and try to make changes in their life accordingly.  However, I’m willing to bet this is a very SMALL number of people. What this “helpful” health information really does for most of us is actually the opposite! We try to take back our somewhat peaceful life by coming up with reasons to ignore it all and enjoy those Twinkies again! This way we don’t have to stress about these daily decisions anymore.   The reasons I am referring to I like to call CRAP FACTS. Or in other words, our justification for doing nothing.

Here is a list of some of my favorite CRAP FACTS. Feel free to chuckle as you read. You know its ridiculous but ADMIT IT.  You’ve used these before… just like I have.

CRAP FACT 1 :My grandma lived to be 105 and she smoked for 90 years

We have all heard or told ourselves some variation of this story. True stories like this give us ammunition to shoot ourselves with when deciding whether to make healthy decisions or not. You are playing a dangerous game by assuming you will be one of the few people to have a life like this. Its not much different from hoping to win the lottery.

Solution: Say this to yourself “Don’t be dumb. I realize there will always be people who get super lucky in life. Get over it. Stop allowing these stories get in the way of me doing what’s best for myself.”

Good Job! You’ve defeated CRAP FACT #1.   Easy.

CRAP FACT 2: A bus might just hit me anyway

I would love to bash people for this kind of attitude because it is so negative but ive told myself a version of this on many occasions. The worst part is its true! This is basically the opposite to CRAP FACT #1. We have limited control over our lives and things just happen. Why waste time trying to make healthy decisions when the pearly gates may be just around the corner?

Solution: Have this dialogue with yourself (Try not to do it out loud because people may think or realize you’re crazy). “Don’t be negative, some people get unlucky in life. Get over it. Stop using this CRAP FACT as an excuse to stop doing what’s best for myself and my future.”

CRAP FACT 3: It doesn’t matter God/universe already has a plan for me

How many times have you heard somebody say “Well, its in Gods hands.” Or “The universe is ultimately in control”? Not to say that some greater power doesn’t have ultimate control over our outcomes.  That may very well be the case.  But we all hear this stuff way too much when it comes to people being sick and dying of things that MAY have been, or possibly still are, preventable with the right healthy life choices.

Solution: Use this dialogue to remind yourself that  “I DO have some control over outcomes. Many of these decisions and future outcomes are in MY HANDS right now. Don’t waste these current opportunities to make healthy decisions. The powers that be gave me a brain. USE IT.”

CRAP FACT 4: Health advocates are just trying to rip me off

Sometimes we like to justify our bad decisions by acting like doing the right thing may just be a trap set by someone to get our money. As a Chiropractor I am a little biased on this one. However, I am also guilty of thinking this myself on many occasions.

Solution: Use this dialogue to remind yourself that “Most healthcare practitioners want whats best for me. I am being self-destructive by assuming the worst so I can ignore advice I don’t want to follow. I can always get a second opinion if I don’t feel the given advice makes sense. “


So in short, I am calling you out on the crap you may be telling yourself to stay unhealthy. Why? Because by learning to call myself out on this same stuff has helped me tremendously in making better decisions when it comes to my health.

By simply reading this article you are now SO far ahead of others. You will now recognize these thought patterns for what they really are… CRAP FACTS. You will now be able to easily dismiss them and go on with your life making decisions that are good for your health. Many people will let these 4 thoughts slowly ruin their life. They will fall right into the current health statistics. The odds are not good for them.

You are no longer that person.

To help, Ive put together 3 things to say to yourself every morning. (quietly, so you don’t wake up your spouse/partner) – I know this sounds dumb but just do it. It WILL help.

  • I will make small low stress healthy decisions today
  • I will stay positive knowing my actions are leading me to a better life and future.
  • I am already ahead of the game by thinking about this right now.
  • I am beating the odds.

Can you think of any other CRAP FACTS? Feel free to post them in the comments below. Help others realize how common it is to have these thoughts and recognize them for what they are. The first step in changing a problems is recognizing it.

“ Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

– Jim Rohn


About the Author

Dr. Kody Semrow  has a B.S. in Nutrition and a doctorate in Chiropractic. He has a passion for helping people improve their lives through Chiropractic care and lifestyle changes.

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  1. Dr. K. Semrow the above statements are very true it’s exactly how I started my wife and 2 kids as well, simple but yet hard to follow with our fast paced lives today, however it’s easily doable if we just make our minds up and stop fooling ourselves.
    With your help and tips you have given to my wife and I we continue to progress, no wheel chair or crutches for this old timer for many a year to come if ever.
    Thanks is a small word that don’t cover my wife’s an my gratitude but it will have to suffice THANKS

    1. Post

      Thanks for the kind words Herbie. Keep it up with the healthy habits and you will have a long and happy life ahead of you!

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