“To say that my experience with Dr. Lily and Dr. Kody has been exceptional is an understatement. I decided to give Dr. Lily a chance about a year ago for my carpal tunnel syndrome pain that had progressed to my upper arms. I had seen my PCP, orthopedic surgeon, PT, and OT. PT didn’t work, and surgery was recommended, I said no, then went for occupational therapy, which did provide relief, up until I started activities/working again.
Surgery was not an option for me, I don’t believe that all problems are resolved with cutting, often times they are unresolved and sometimes  end up worse (which many people who have carpal tunnel had told me).
I’m someone who does a lot of research before I really invest in something. What I read on the Brain and Body Chiropractic website was a different approach/outlook on pain relief vs. the traditional/standard methods that one would get through the spectrum of health care services for pain.
Dr. Lily is a genuine and brilliant chiropractic neurologist. She is straight forward in her approach to treatment and doesn’t leave you with any unanswered questions about her methods and rationale. She found that I actually didn’t have carpal tunnel syndrome, and instead have tendonitis, and thoracic outlet syndrome, which all made sense after she explained it all to me.
Her whole body approach of adjusting my spine, providing nerve treatment to my arms, education, and suggestions on how to improve my quality of life, have made a significant improvement for my pain and well-being. Her goal is to get her patients out of pain and that really reflects when she’s one on one with you.
Dr. Lily and Dr. Kody and are blast to be around. Dr. Kody has adjusted my spine a handful of times and always does a great job. He’s always there for support and often has great and different suggestions for pain relief and treatment as well which is appreciated.
So give them a chance if you are on the fence about it, searching for a new chiropractor, or serious about getting pain relief, I’m so glad that I did. My pain is under control, I even sprained my ankle and got treatment for that, which is also better now. My lower back also has occasional pain  when i’m laying down, and getting my spine adjusted does the trick! I go every 6 weeks now, and all of my pain is practically gone and under control. I refer everyone that’s looking for a chiropractor or has issues with pain to go here. I will continue to be a patient here, they’ve gained my trust, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
– Marissa M.

“I have always had a weaker, numb and tingling left side, head to toe, which I think was due to heart surgery as an infant that left a scar across my back. Now 68, I was finding this increasingly debilitating. I have seen numerous medical and complimentary professionals over the years and have been told either that there was nothing wrong with me, that there were medications that I could take to relieve the symptoms or that I was not a candidate for surgery! Dr. Lily Semrow was the first person to give me a lengthy physical examination and to give me assurance that there was no deep pathology but that the nerves were impacted and that she might be able to help. First off, it was reassuring to have a detailed assessment. Secondly, I appreciated her honesty in saying that she would let me know when she thought she could not help.
At first progress was slow but noticeable. After about ten sessions there was a huge breakthrough that was shocking to me as I felt my whole left side came into alignment. Dr. Lily has also really helped in teaching me exercises to improve functioning of the shoulders. If you have peculiar, frustrating symptoms, I highly recommend Dr. Lily Semrow as the place to start for figuring out what to do about it. I wish I had found her long ago.”
– Susan D.

“After 12 weeks of constant headaches from her concussion, Sophie woke up headache-free after just 2 visits with Dr. Lily. She was able to pinpoint the areas of her brain that were affected and we have seen steady improvements with each visit. Of all the therapy we have done for her concussion, this has by far been the most beneficial. Can’t thank you enough!!” 

– Sophie T’s Mother

 “I have had problems with chronic headaches and neck/shoulder pain for over 30 years. I have been to traditional chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists, and none provided long-term relief.

My neck and shoulder muscles still get stiff and sore easily. However, I am having little to no headaches or neck or shoulder pain. I have also learned how to ease and relax to minimize any headache or neck or shoulder pain when it does occur.

I now feel like I am in control of my symptoms rather than my symptoms in control of me. Dr. Lily has worked miracles and has accomplished what no one else has been able to over the past 30 years.”

– J.D.

“Dr. Lily is an answer to my prayers! She listened to me & worked out a treatment plan. After following the path from my doctor & going through physical therapy & not getting the results on my lower back pain, I felt I had nothing to lose by seeking an alternative method to treatment, other than more specialists & maybe surgery. I’m so glad I did! Highly recommend Brain & Body. I’m so impressed!!”

 – Deanna C.

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